Cloud Integration

Why did 54% of companies using cloud applications experience downtime within the last 6 months? The answer: Lack of cloud integration skills.

The rapid adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud applications has been accompanied by the demand for an equally rapid integration of these cloud applications with existing applications. Unfortunately, delivering on this demand has not been easy for companies inexperienced in cloud integration.

When opening up your existing infrastructure to outside-the-firewall cloud applications, there are new security requirements that must be addressed to ensure your data is not compromised. Furthermore, a deep understanding not only of integration techniques but also a strong business and technical understanding of the applications is required.

Another critical success factor for cloud integration is the methodology used to integrate applications. Is the approach a basic point-to-point integration, which can result in a complex and brittle architecture as the number of integrations grows? Or is the methodology using proven best practices to introduce agility for rapidly modifying the infrastructure as future business demands change?

Why OSI Consulting for Cloud Integration

  • Proven Expertise

    Proven Expertise:

    Each new project delivered by OSI Consulting leverages over 20 years of expertise to ensure faster time to market, lower risk, and lower total cost of ownership. This breadth of expertise is based on a deep understanding of the full technology lifecycle from concept to development to testing and deployment. For example, multi-level security must often comply with mandates from the SaaS provider and the integrator must have the breadth of expertise to determine how best to support common requirements such as HTTPS, message level, payload level and DMZ-level security. These and other requirements vary from one SaaS vendor to the next (, ADP, Oracle, etc.) and this experience is now incorporated in every OSI integration project. In addition to OSI Consulting’s expertise integrating with cloud applications, we are also an Oracle Platinum Partner in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). OSI is well respected for deep expertise with on-premise applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Hyperion and more to ensure that cloud applications will integrate seamlessly with its existing on-premise applications.

  • Integration and Application Knowledge

    Integration and Application Knowledge:

    When considering a partner for integration, it’s important to assess the integrator’s expertise. Not only for integration purposes, but also to understand their expertise regarding the applications that are the end-points of the integration. From a technical perspective, this deeper understanding of the application allows OSI to “future-proof” the integration as demands evolve. OSI will exploit the optimal solution by leveraging proven APIs, alerts, and other mechanisms.

    These integrations are often an integral part of a larger business process such as order-to-cash, accounts payable, human resources, customer self-service and more. OSI Consulting’s deep knowledge of how the applications fulfill these business processes combined with their technical understanding of integration is the key to ensuring cloud and on-premise integration success.

  • Repeatable Best Practices

    Repeatable Best Practices:

    Another key OSI Consulting differentiator is the extent to which services are delivered based on best practices. For example, OSI uses the Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) methodology to ensure integration is loosely coupled and based on an agile canonical model to support future requirements. This approach avoids the common point-to-point integration scenario that eventually leads to the complexities associated with the “accidental architecture”. Furthermore, OSI has embedded repeatable best practices in a “SOA Inventory Catalog” for easier maintenance of services and created the “OSI Control Center” (OCC) to provide customers with a real-time dashboard of project status.

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