Value Engineering-Business Process Re-engineering

Value Engineering

Why do YOU need Value Engineering?

  • Lagging productivity
  • Changing business environment
  • Evolving industry and business practices
  • Changing customer expectations
  • Misalignment of business requirements and supporting applications

OSI’s Value Engineering Solution brings our consulting experts together with customers to align business objectives and processes with corporate enterprise applications using an innovative combination of application alignment and business process re-engineering. The Value Engineering team consists of a diverse group of business and application specialists with experience across multiple industries. The team brings this experience to bear in every engagement, applying their business best practices knowledge to enable organizational improvements, such as:

  • Greater agility to react to changing market conditions
  • Enhanced customer engagement for sustained revenue growth
  • Optimized business processes for increased margins

The primary purpose for enterprise applications is to support the business by enabling optimized business processes to operate and grow in the most profitable fashion. It is essential that your business strategy drives your IT strategy, and not vice versa. If you already have core enterprise applications in place, it is critical that your infrastructure and applications strategy ensures the proper alignment of your current business objectives and processes with your supporting systems.

Challenges Facing Today’s Enterprise

Managing operational processes and applications to support a business in today’s fast paced global economy generates unique challenges:

  • Keeping up with the business’ need to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions
  • Changing business structure and stakeholder models
  • Staying on top of shareholder return expectations
  • Supporting fast, flexible and informed decision making needs
  • Increasingly disparate and dynamic business execution models
  • Constant change

Results-Driven Methods

At OSI Consulting, we believe that improvement initiatives begin with identifying current business challenges and their associated root cause. We then provide a recommendation and implement the most optimal solution, based on a number of criteria including industry best practices, technology trends and capabilities of your enterprise applications. We also make sure that you have clear metrics in place to measure your business results and ROI. The right enterprise application strategy will optimize the infrastructure and applications you already have to transform your business processes.

Key Steps

  • Establish target performance metrics by business area
  • Identify challenges & root cause
  • Evaluation solution via process & organizational changes
  • Implement process & application changes

Measurable Business Results

Our unique methodology focuses squarely on measurable business results and ROI. A team of business and technology experts uses proprietary analysis and measurement tools to benchmark your organization against industry leaders. We’ll identify opportunities to achieve orders-of-magnitude improvement in your business through application and process changes. Then, we’ll measure the results and improve on them.

Simplifying Upgrade

One of the primary reasons companies still struggle with time consuming and error prone application upgrades is due to the excessive use of application embedded customization, as opposed to single, standards-based customization solution external from the applications.

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