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Despite the arrival of new low-cost cloud-based ERP solutions, some businesses still rely on spreadsheets and other standalone legacy applications as their primary ERP solution. All too often, one of the key factors holding companies back is figuring out how to safely and securely transition to a modern cloud-based solution, especially when IT business transformation is not a core competency of the company. For over 20 years, OSI Consulting has been providing growing companies with this core competency of application modernization based on proven expertise, deep business knowledge, and repeatable best practices.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner with an Oracle specialization in financial applications, OSI has helped transform over 200 companies through Oracle applications. Learn about how the Oracle ERP Cloud Rapid Implementation offering with an innovative low risk and fixed cost model can help you make the transition to a scalable business architecture.

Why OSI Consulting for Oracle ERP Cloud?

  • Low Risk

    Low Risk

    Two important cost-related issues to consider when selecting a partner to transition your ERP into a modern cloud-based solution are “what is the initial cost proposal?” and “how much is the cost likely to grow?”

    With our extensive experience in ERP implementations, OSI Consulting offers a short timeframe, fixed cost implementation solution featuring Oracle’s ERP Cloud. Using pre-built, customizable templates that incorporate best practices and our highly experienced resources, OSI Consulting helps you manage growth-associated risks with a fixed cost solution. Combine this cost benefit with the financial benefits of the Oracle Cloud subscription model and your total cost of ownership is low.

    The OSI Consulting Oracle ERP Cloud Rapid Implementation leverages the proven Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service to provide you Oracle Fusion General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, and Cash Management modules. Included in this service is automated data conversion for vendors, customers, Open AR, Open AP, and GL balances.

  • Rapid Implementation

    Rapid Implementation

    We understand the importance of a quick solution implementation in order to maximize ROI. With the OSI Consulting Cloud ERP Rapid Implementation, the project timeline is 3 months. Included in the implementation are all phases of business discovery, gap analysis, recommendations, implementation, data conversation design and development, financial statements design (P&L, income and balance sheet development), user acceptance testing, training and more.

  • Security


    Security is a top priority when transitioning your ERP capabilities to a modern cloud-based solution. Selecting a proven and trusted SaaS provider as well as a proven and trusted partner to implement the transition are critical validation steps to ensure security. Oracle ERP Cloud provides best-in-class security architecture to manage your enterprise requirements. Combine the security of using the trusted Oracle Cloud ERP with OSI Consulting’s experience implementing over 200 ERP transformations and you can be confident you have a secure solution.

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