One-Click Scanning

One-Click Scanning


Manual transaction processing in the back office involves dealing with enormous amounts of paper and legal documents from third parties. These artifacts include supplier invoices, bank statements, purchase orders, vendor agreements, sales contracts, packing slips, etc. These documents are generally saved in hard copy format in file cabinets or document storage bins by the accounting teams. Some enterprises have started digitizing these hard copy documents and manually storing them within their ERP systems or on shared network drives as part of transaction processing and housekeeping.

This manual process of handling paper, scanning documents, archiving files, and attaching to corresponding ERP transactions requires multiple human touch points and consumes an enormous amount of non-value add time for any enterprise.

The Need?


  • Enable real-time document scanning
  • Simultaneously upload and attach scan to the corresponding ERP Transaction


  • Ability to use any scanner including independent (non-network) scanners
  • Flexibility to adjust and fine tune the image while attaching without saving to a disk or local PC

Ease of Use

  • Simplicity in digitizing paper with minimal touch points.
  • Intuitive and easy to understand and operate.


  • Uses your existing desktop scanners
  • Scan and attach documents in a single step
  • Allows re-scan from the same form
  • Allows users to edit, discard, size and crop the image
  • Imports existing scanned files to your ERP system
  • Custom menu item in the ERP system does not impair or affect the standard

ERP Functionality

  • File can alternatively be saved to a shared network location without using your ERP database. The file location URL is stored on the ERP transaction
  • Network files can be accessed through the link stored in ERP
  • Incorporates enterprise specific file naming standards
  • Supports multiple file types
  • Supports multiple attachments to the same transaction
  • Works on all types of ERP form (Oracle forms, Web Pages)


  • Intuitive and flexible tool with multiple deployments on different versions of Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Eliminates mundane tasks from back office processes
  • Scalable and can be rolled out in phases across the enterprise
  • Economical, low cost solution with an immediate payback
  • Business focused, aligning technology to support business efficiency objectives
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