What is the Industrial Internet of Things?


The Industrial IoT establishes a connected and meaningful bond between the equipment, systems and processes across your entire business. Your assets – the ‘things’ that matter most to you – each provide a varying degree of data; reporting on performance, status, events and capability. Industrial IoT is about leveraging the data your assets generate to the greatest extent possible, and establishing a contextual relationship in the information to support entirely new levels of visibility, insight and automation.

To tap into this potential, organizations need a base from which to implement and deploy Industrial IoT capabilities. They need a scalable, secure platform where data – regardless of source, protocol or purpose – can be modeled, ingested, correlated and indexed to provide a meaningful real-time understanding of your operations. With such a platform, patterns, rules and assertions can be applied to analyze the information so that effectiveness and services are continuously improved.

A true Industrial IoT platform provides the “Rosetta Stone” for the hyper-connected enterprise. It doesn’t discriminate. It establishes a connected ecosystem where the data, regardless of legacy, can be associated from all applications, devices and networks. Insights gained from the relationships in your data can be the most valuable asset you have. The ability to quickly secure, aggregate, automate, and draw insights from data can ultimately define your success.

At OSI, we’ve been implementing successful Industrial IoT systems for our clients for many years. Our experience with utility modernization, manufacturing automation, globalized supply chains and advanced life sciences has contributed to our position as a thought leader and leading solution provider for Industrial IoT systems. Our approach is straightforward. We focus on four key components to each successful solution.

Connect and Ingest Data at Scale

Connect communicating assets across your extended enterprise. Design for scale from a few devices to millions and utilize a dedicated platform to ingest data at high velocity with precision.

Analyze and Take Action

Leveraging quality understanding of your data in pre-loaded ‘index’, applied analytics will quickly provide performance insights and future state conditions of your operations.

Correlate Data to Create a Meaningful Understanding

Utilize machine intelligence to establish automated, meaningful relationships in the data and establish a contextual understanding of the information.

Visualize What’s Meaningful

Create rich dashboards and contextual representation of your information to show anything from enterprise-level performance to the details of individual assets.

OSI’s Industrial IoT initiative brings together the company’s capabilities in Enterprise Technologies, Applications, Big Data and Analytics to solve problems and monetize value for our clients. We bring these capabilities together through integrated strategies that consider the organizational needs, industry context, and business opportunities of Industrial IoT solutions.

Individually, each of our capabilities makes up one small part of the Industrial IoT ecosystem, but together they become integrated solutions that disrupt legacy processes and enable organizations to thrive in the connected world. From edge devices to decision support, we’re bringing together the right expertise with the right technology and applications to turn objects into answers.

Industry Focus: Industrial IoT Operations for Utilities

With the escalating deployment of Advanced Metering Infrastructure, OSI has been directly involved in the evolution of capabilities focused on deriving value from the massive amounts of new metering data. In the last 5 years, the order of magnitude has increased from millions of data points to billions – at a single utility. Our experience with some of the most advanced metering programs around the globe has developed our understanding that business value can be derived not only from the data itself – but from the relationship of data. We consider event, work order, geo location and asset data correlation and analysis essential to effectively operating and managing modern metering programs and advanced networks.

We believe that we share a common viewpoint with industry-leading utilities who understand that a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage your smart meter technology infrastructure is essential for advanced metering operations. As such, the fundamental basis of our company vision and product strategy is to provide the modern utility operator a single, reliable, real-time source of truth.

With the help of our professional, consulting, and technical service experts, utilities can accelerate the integration and transformation of their current infrastructure to the next-generation grid network.

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