Enterprise Business Intelligence

At the same time as companies are striving to grow revenues, decrease expenses, and increase profitability, they are faced with the challenge of maintaining compliance with an ever growing set of compliance challenges. To survive, it’s critical that executives and front-line managers have access to the financial data they need to make the right business decisions.



    OSI’s team of experts have extensive experience with the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) tools and the Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) suite. We assist our clients with the design and implementation of the dashboards and reports that enable them to monitor their financial performance and KPIs. With direct integration for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and other ERP systems, OBIA provides a platform for unifying your enterprise data. Combined with OSI’s Value Engineering methodology, we provide our customers the visibility needed to ensure they meet their financial objectives.

  • Sales and Marketing Analytics

    Sales and Marketing Analytics

    A basis for every company’s growth is lead generation and customer acquisition. The right marketing analytics provides companies insights into the effectiveness of their lead generation activities. Advanced sales analytics is required to ensure that their customer acquisition activities are targeted and effective. OSI’s team of business intelligence experts help companies achieve these goals by mining actionable information from the data in their sales and marketing systems.

    A successful marketing analytics platform consolidates data from all marketing channels – ad impressions, email campaigns, marketing events, social media, etc. Business decisions cannot be made from the data from individual channels. OSI assists clients with the ever increasing complexity of marketing attribution and effectiveness. This involves three parallel initiatives – reporting on past performance, analyzing current activities, and predicting/influencing future results.

    Companies rely on their customer relationship management (CRM) systems to manage their sales pipeline and forecast sales results. Leveraging our in-depth experience with Salesforce.com and Oracle CRM, we can help you get the most of your investment in enterprise sales effectiveness tools. We’ve helped many customers get to the most important data, integrate it with relevant data from other systems, and create the reports and dashboards needed to make sense of it. Through the combination of data from all relevant touch points, OSI helps companies develop the 360° customer view needed to ensure customer satisfaction, retention, and upsell.

  • Human Resources Analytics

    Human Resources Analytics

    One of a company’s most valuable assets is its workforce. Talent acquisition, employee engagement, and personnel performance are historic challenges for which advanced data analytics provides clear value. OSI’s business intelligence consultants help our clients combine data from all their HR planning, operations, and performance systems. Based on their business objectives, we develop the reports and KPI-based dashboards that help them increase efficiency and profits through a better understanding of HR performance and capabilities.

  • Supply Chain Analytics

    Supply Chain Analytics

    Companies also look to OSI to streamline their supply chain through a more comprehensive and accurate view of the diverse data from a variety of enterprise and operational systems. Given the combination of competitive pressure, globalization, and increasing customer expectations, companies must leverage the available data to make informed pricing, purchasing, and inventory decisions. The challenge is that the data is found in a variety of internal and external sources. Our clients rely on our experience and expertise to craft value-driven supply chain analytics solutions.

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