Delivering Industry Solutions for more effective

Business Productivity
Regulatory Compliance
Business Awareness
IT Cost Management

Increased Business Productivity

  • Increasing rate of technology innovations and business change is driving the need to optimize and harmonize business processes
  • Highlighting legacy process inefficiencies while capitalizing on opportunities to automate and optimize processes for increased productivity and overall business performance
  • Leveraging digitization to provide relevant information and capabilities at the right time and place, while delivering in the required format and platform

Improved Business Awareness

  • Mining data assets for competitive advantage and revenue growth as well as increased product innovation is no longer optional
  • Providing awareness of KPIs based on real-time internal indicators correlated with external industry data drives more informed business decisions, enhancing business performance
  • Leveraging experience with strategic planning, systems integration and analytics drives more innovative and cost-effective solutions to mine structured and unstructured data

Strong Regulatory Compliance

  • Enabling best practices and forward-thinking processes with compliant business systems and data quality management
  • Bringing experience with industry regulation, quality management, data integrity and computer system validation reduces systems implementation risk and fosters a strong level of regulatory compliance
  • Working closely with corporate quality policy and governance, we tailor our implementation approach to support risk assessments, data integrity and validation execution from small divisional systems to large global enterprise solutions

Tighter IT Cost Management

  • Growing costs of IT support and maintenance for increased system count and diversity of aging application and OS versions
  • Growing cost for building IT staff that is trained in the latest innovations in cloud options, industry application and OS frameworks, and virtual technologies
  • In order to properly align business resources with priority business objectives, organizations are moving to alternate IT delivery models

OSI Life Sciences and Healthcare focuses on delivering cost-effective business solutions and services for the specific needs of the industry


Industry Applications

The growing dependency on external partners and greater regulatory scrutiny is leading to expanded operational complexity and increased compliance risk. OSI partners with leading product vendors in the Life Sciences industry to cost-effectively deliver tailored, compliant and integrated business solutions. OSI specializes in solutions that address the needs of Clinical, Regulatory, Quality and Sales & Marketing, such as Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS), Regulatory Tracking, Quality Management System (QMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System.

Enterprise Content Management

The increasing pressure to improve time-to-market and collaborate with external partners is adding complexity and risk for compliant content management. While increased system functionality may improve collaboration and productivity, proper controls are required. It is important to align business processes with the industry solution to realize the optimal value of your enterprise content management solution. OSI is prepared to guide you through the strategic planning, implementation and on-going support for your solution.

Business Intelligence / Analytics

Maintaining a competitive advantage and profitable growth requires timely intelligence to plan and execute on the corporate strategy. OSI helps to leverage corporate information as an organizational asset. We combine expertise in business and technology to effectively mine structured and unstructured data for trends, statistical significance, business relevance and predictive analytics. OSI brings a wealth of experience to address the growing demand for Life Sciences and Healthcare business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Data Quality Management

Calculating the full ROI on business system investments may be attributed to poor data quality and governance procedures. OSI helps organizations classify high-value business data assets and incorporate measures to promote higher data quality. Rather than depending on a chance application error or isolated alerts, OSI guides the implementation of Data Quality and Governance policies, standards and procedures to manage data quality holistically. We utilize Data Quality Framework and Master Data Management tools to identify, isolate, measure and improve the value of the data.

Managed Services

OSI provides options to reduce operating costs and align internal resources to company priorities, while still delivering resources with experience in the latest technologies. Working with many companies, OSI utilizes industry best practices and tools for outsourcing IT services to further promote business success and customer satisfaction. We can assist in outsourcing all or part of your application administration and maintenance to a lower cost option, regardless of the size of your organization.

Case Studies for Life Sciences and Healthcare Industries

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