In today’s world, financial services firms require complex, comprehensive and regulatory-compliant tools to manage transactions, budgeting, customer relationships and financial reporting. Optimizing business operations and anticipating future needs requires a comprehensive understanding of financial management products and solutions that are unique for every type of financial institution.

OSI Consulting has many years of experience working with a variety of financial services institutions. Much of our work has been focused on aligning technology platforms and custom software solutions to handle back-office transactions as well as customer-facing financial management resources. The key challenge of this industry is the need for real time availability of key performance indicators to optimize business processes, increase productivity, and ensure proper levels of regulatory compliance.

In one instance, our experienced team helped an aircraft leasing and finance company that was in the process of splitting away from a parent company. Their goal was to migrate from the parent group technology infrastructure to its own servers, with no more than 48 hours of downtime during the migration. OSI used a phased approach to achieve the successful migration of OS, database and services, completing testing and handoff to a new managed services group over one weekend.

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